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Love, health, a nutritious diet, education and a sustainable environment are the foundation of a happy childhood. That is why we offer products of the highest European quality, which respect the environment, at a fair price. We also reinvest part of our profits into childhood aid projects.
Furthermore, the environment and sustainability are aspects we always have in mind at BabyBoomers, so we encourage our suppliers to engage with green policies.

We aspire to be a friendly brand, recognised by families, suppliers, customers and other interest groups, for our responsibility and concern with caring for children and their future.


Make quality products available to families, at an ethical price, for the nutrition and care of children in their early years of life, managing the brand in a profitable and responsible manner, creating value for society by reinvesting in social projects aimed at improving childhood care.

  • Love and care during childhood. We believe the best way of investing in a better environment and future is to generate favourable conditions for a happy childhood.
  • Social reinvestment through projects aimed at motherhood and childhood in the environment in which we work.
  • Respect for cultural differences and traditions.
  • Respect for families, offering products with the quality they need at an ethical price. Profitability is built in the long term through the trust of families.
  • Commitment to an ethical manner of working that respects the laws, customs and environments in which we work.

A happy childhood
in a healthy environment

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